About Us

We (Peony Ruffles Boutique) are run under the company Lavenders Grey Florist ltd.

Lavenders Grey Florist is a small independent florist in Newcastle Under Lyme, alongside all our lovely flowers, we have a large shop space that had to filled with something! Home ware and gifts were the choice.

Peony Ruffles boutique was born due to demand by our local customers, lots of whom requested to be able to buy our home ware items online. Although we had an online shop already, it was made for flower ordering! not home ware! so we decided to create a new website, under a new name, to sell online. the new name avoids any confusion if you're looking for our flower site!

So that's how Peony Ruffles Boutique started! (and also why you might see "Lavenders Grey Florist" every now and again as that's our legal name!)